BMW’s First Innovation Lab Startups, Why Networking Is Not Overrated & More

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1. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Momentum and Maturity

By Kauffman Foundation –

Digest: Startup Communities

Curators: Julian Miller, Brad Feld, Shane Reiser

Here’s a great in depth look at entrepreneurial ecosystems from the experts at Kauffman. Read More

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2. Three of BMW’s first Innovation Lab start-ups have secured commercial contracts

By Henry Williams – Startups

Digest: Corporate Innovation

Curators: Carie Davis, Shane Reiser

Following the conclusion of BMW’s first Innovation Lab, the motoring firm has announced that three of the programme’s participants have gone on to secure long-term commercial contracts – vehicle history checking tool Cazana, 0% finance app Divido and insurance app Wrisk. Read More

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3. Comic Artist Brings His Tattoo To Life Using Augmented Reality

By Thomas Tamblyn – Huff Post

Digest: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Curators: Lindsay Saunders, Kelly Vicars, Martin Ahe, Ginny Fahs

I can’t talk about AR art without gushing about Australian artist Sutu’s work. Sutu Eats Flies (full moniker) designed an interactive comic called Modern Polaxis, in which pieces of art come alive when looked at through his self-designed, free iOS app. Sutu decided to try the app out on the tattoo on his arm – a drawing of the lead character from the comic. Watch what happens – and check out his mind blowing compendium of AR art, titled Prosthetic Reality, here. Read More

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4. Why Networking Is Not Overrated

By Frank Denbow – Techstars

Digest: Startup

Curator: Zubin Chagpar

“For me, networking is about building trust and respect with others, finding ways you can add value to the system as a whole.” Read More

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5. Why Companies Are Not Startups

By Steve Blank – Startup Grind

Digest: HR & Employee Experience

Curator: Philip Alexander

The difference between a startup and a company. Companies exist to execute, startups are innovating to find an idea to execute on. Read More

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