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October 2019

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Michal Krokosz

Each week we introduce you to one of the many talented curators from around the world who help support Techstars Startup Digest. Name: Michal Krokosz Digest: Warsaw Curator Since: July 2018 Title: Startup and Fintech enthusiast. Co-Founder @ Invelinq. To receive the Techstars Startup Digest Warsaw digest, please subscribe here.

How Startup Funding Works (Explained With Pie)

Starting your business can be a scary process – figuring out through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. Whether you are self-funding your small business or seeking investors to bring your idea to life, we have you covered. While you may think of funding as something that’s done all at once, it’s actually…

APIs To Enhance Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

APIs, or application program interfaces, are common tools used throughout the technological world. They allow programs to talk to other programs, allowing for more complex actions to take place. Companies use APIs to do business with other companies’ programs, making for some fantastic collaborations. APIs are used in industries from the financial world to the…

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