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10 Best Cities for Young Professionals

Entrepreneurs need to live in a city that nurtures their drive for success and passion for innovation. When it comes to deciding where to live as a young professional, there are many things you need to take into consideration. Here are just a few: Networking opportunities: Happy hours offer a great way to network with…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Aashay Mody

Name: Aashay Mody Digest: Artificial Intelligence Reading List Curator Since: Title: 👨‍💻 Growth at Astro | 🤖 AI Digest Curator at Startup Digest | 🎓 NYU Stern Alum Twitter: @aashaymody I help early stage startups go from idea to business. I draw inspiration from breakthrough technologies when they intersect with innovative business models and have the ability to…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Rajesh Johnny

Name: Rajesh Johnny Digest: Emerging Economies Reading List Curator Since: November 2017 Title: Co-Founder of InQ Innovation and Oryx Twitter: @RJIndia100 Rajesh Johnny (RaJ) has more than 20 years of experience in the innovation domain. He is the Co-Founder of InQ Innovation and Oryx, a crypto VC. He has exposures in the Middle East and India.…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Adriana Dumitrof

Name: Adriana Dumitrof Digest: Bucharest Curator Since: February 2015 Title: Front of House at TechHub Bucharest Twitter: @AdrianaDumitrof Tech Lover | Entrepreneurship Enthusiast | Craving for Innovation To start receiving the Techstars Startup Digest Bucharest, please subscribe here.

BMW’s First Innovation Lab Startups, Why Networking Is Not Overrated & More

5 hand-picked articles from across the Startup Digest Reading Lists. Sign up to receive great weekly content on various topics from our expert curators.   1. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Momentum and Maturity By Kauffman Foundation – Kauffman.org Digest: Startup Communities Curators: Julian Miller, Brad Feld, Shane Reiser Here’s a great in depth look at entrepreneurial ecosystems from the experts at Kauffman. Read More…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Lidia Donajczyk-Lipinska

Name: Lidia Donajczyk-Lipinska Digests: Chicago, Analytics, Youth Entrepreneurship Curator Since: January 2017 Title: Founder @ HubMama Twitter: @LidiaDonaj Lidia Lipinska is an internationally seasoned business strategist. She thrives on bringing her full skill set of business analytics and project management to bring businesses to the next level. Her experience in innovation-driven tech environments inspired her to create HubMama.…

Why More Business Schools Are Teaching Creativity

The following is a guest post by Tiffany Rowe. Tiffany is a Marketing Administrator at Seek Visibility, where she assists clients in contributing resourceful content throughout the web. At first glance, it might appear that the concepts of creativity and business school are incompatible at best, if not completely contradictory. And while it’s true that some…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Katrin Mathis

Name: Katrin Mathis Digest: Basel and Freiburg Curator Since: February 2016 Title: Digitale Konzepte mit mehr Wert Twitter: @katrinmathis Katrin attended Startup Weekend Basel 2012 and has become a co-organizer since then. She holds a BSc in OnlineMedia and an MBA in Service Innovation & Design. As a freelancer, she consults organizations in how to leverage the…

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Rosie Odsey

Name: Rosie Odsey Digest: Brisbane Curator Since: April 2016 Title: Project Coordinator Twitter Handle: @rosieodsey Innovation chaser | Rookie coder | Pretend writer | Unestablished thinker | Real human To receive the Brisbane Startup Digest, subscribe here.

Meet Our Curator of the Week: Brenda Gonzalez Riviello

Name: Brenda Gonzalez Riviello Digest: Mexico City Curator Since: July 2015 Title: Business Consultant Twitter Handle: @Brenda_Riviello Business consultant with my heart in strategy and marketing. Also fond of inspiring entrepreneurs, books, food, tech, and innovation. To receive the Mexico City Startup Digest, subscribe here.

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